Malaysia ECF Platform

Processing Fee

990 Malaysian Ringgit (exclusive of disbursements) for preparatory work and completion of statutory due diligence. This amount is payable immediately upon signing of the Engagement Letter.

Onboarding Fee

i) 2,260 Malaysian Ringgit for Basic Package;
ii) 4,260 Malaysian Ringgit for Advanced Package; and
iii) 7,000 for Full Package (exclusive of disbursements) for onboarding related services including business due diligence, form processing, consultation and offer marketing preparation work.

Administrative Fee
(Only one of the follow two fee schedules will apply)

  • Fee Schedule A: Offers with pre-committed Lead Investor/s: 4% on the Lead Investor contributed amount; 6% on the remaining raised balance amount (admin fee %s are exclusive of disbursement)
  • Fee Schedule B: Offers with NO pre-committed Lead Investor/s: 6% on the total raised amount (admin fee %s are exclusive of disbursements)

These admin fees are charged to either the gross amount of funds raised equal to the target amount, or in the case of over subscription, the total gross amount raised within the Offer period. No administrative fee will be charged in the event the Issuer falls short of its Offer target at the end of the Offer period. This administrative fee will be netted out of the investment funds that are transferred from the escrow account to the Issuer upon completion of the Offer. A prospective Issuer will be informed of the applicable administrative fee % prior to the launch of the Offer.

Singapore ECF Platform

Please contact enquiry@crowdo.com to request fee schedule.

(Last updated March 20th 2017)